Known Issues

(Fixed) Editor Crash when changing Object Class Member Variable in User Defined Struct

A problem seems to occur on Engine version 4.26, where the Editor may crash when changing an Object Class member variable in a ‘make struct’ node using the built-in dropdown menu. In the case of the Grapple Component, this might occur when adding a Make Struct_GC_SequenceCameraData node and trying to set the Sequence Camera actor Class in there. The same issue may occur when setting the Scene Collision Actor Class in a Make Struct_GC_RepositionData_Global node. 

  • Not specific to Grapple Component: This bug seems unrelated to the Grapple Component (it occurs in any user defined struct). However, Epic Games has not yet confirmed that it is actually an Engine bug. 
  • Workaround: it is still possible to edit the Object Class member variable without using the dropdown manu. This can be done by dragging a wire from the pin on the Make Struct node, and promoting it to a variable on the Blueprint you are working on. It is also possible to modify the member variable using the Use asset browser selection button.
  • This bug is marked as fixed in 4.26.1, so keep an eye out for the next Engine Update!