Debug Tools

Debug Settings

The Grapple Component contains the following settings related to debugging.

Disable Debug Info on ClientsWhether to only display debug information on the server (and not on all clients). Only has effect if 'show debug info' has been set to true. Note that this Variable will only have an effect during setup.
Debug - Global SwitchWhether to allow any of the debug information (normally controlled by the other settings) to be visible.
Debug - Show Virtual MeshWhether to show a visible material on the Virtual Mesh.
Debug - Show UISee the section on Debug UI.
Debug - Print MessagesSee the section on Debug Messages.
Debug ColorThe color used to refer to this Grapple Component in the Debug UI.

Settings related to debugging can be updated in the following ways:

  • In the Grapple Component Blueprint itself, by setting the relevant variables in category 'Debug'

  • At runtime, Using event ApplyDebugSettings will apply the settings on a single Grapple Component
  • At runtime, Using event ApplyDebugSettings_AllGrappleComponents will apply the settings on all Grapple Components

Debug Messages

The Grapple Component can print messages to the screen ant to the log (using the Print Text function built into the Engine). This can be done using function Debug Message. Messages will be printed if they are enabled in the Debug Settings, or if parameter Always Print (Ignore Settings) is set to true.

Debug UI

If variable Debug - Show UI is set to true, the Grapple Component will add a widget of Class UI_GC_DebugHUD to the player screen.

This widget contains several Widgets of Class UI_CG_Frame, which in turn contain the following information on individual Grapple Components:

  • The name of the Actor this Grapple Component belongs to;
  • The reason this widget is visible;
  • Either the current Participants Following this Grapple Component or the Master Grapple Component this Grapple Component is following; and
  • The active state tags for this Grapple Component.

Widgets will be shown automatically for the Grapple Component on the currently possessed Pawn, as well as for any other Participants if this Grapple Component is currently Participating  in a Grapple Sequence.