Change Log


  • Improved overall readability of Blueprints.
  • Fixed a bug in the Sample Content where characters could clip through the ground when thrown.


  • Fixed a bug where macro Generate Global Grapple Data (Simplified) did not work as intended.


  • Fixed a bug where the source file of struct_GC_RepositionData_Local would cause issues when cooking.


  • The Grapple Component is now compatible with Engine version 4.26.
  • Removed the GrappleComponentGroup.GrappleComponentSlot animation montage slots and replaced them with DefaultGroup.DefaultSlot.
  • Improvements to macro Generate Global Grapple Data (Simplified)
  • Fixed a bug where the Grapple Component could produce error messages when destroying the Grapple Component during a Grapple Sequence where Queued Events were still pending.


  • Reduced file size by bundling files for 4.25 and 4.26 together where possible.
  • Fixed a bug where the Grapple Component would not always construct a State Tag Manager if none existed yet.


  • Animation montages now play on the Character's main Anim Instance by default, instead of the Linked Anim Graph.


  • Added a function on the Grapple Component called Get Reposition Object for affecting Root Component. This function can be used to access the Reposition Object currently affecting the Linked Character's Root Component.
  • Functions related to repositioning now have a return value that gives access to the relevant reposition object.
  • Changes to Movement Data
    • Added a setting Default Movement Data Layer on the Grapple Component.
    • Added settings Moverment Settings During Push - Layer and Built-in Movement  Data - Layer to the Character Push Object.
    • Movement Data Objects no longer automatically revert Movement Data from the active Grapple Sequence. Instead, they use a higher layer, which causes them to temporarily override these settings instead.
  • Changed the internal functioning of the Grapple Component related to Initiating and Terminating Grapple Sequences.
    •  Some functionality has been moved from the Grapple Component to the Grapple Object.
    • Grapple Objects now have an Is Initiated variable.
    • Grapple Objects can now only have Participants if they are initiated.
    • When initiating a Grapple Sequence with initial Participants, the Participants are now added after Initiation (rather than before). The On Initiate event, however, will still only be called after the first Participants have joined. This behaviour can be changed by setting variable Wait for first Participant Update before calling On Initiate to false.


  • Increased performance by only calling function Generate Global Grapple Data once when the Grapple Object is constructed. Variable Stored Global Grapple Data is now used where possible.
  • Added the Grapple Sequence Preview Actor, which allows users to quickly preview a Grapple Sequence. For more information, please consult the tutorial on this subject.


  • Added a variable named Spawn Height Correction Method to the Scene Collision Actor (SceneCollisionActor), which controls the Z translation to add to the Spawn Transform.
  • Fixed a bug where the Grapple Component would not stop the active montage when the animation mode is changed to Stop All.


  • Added Sequence Camera Animation Curves. For more information, watch the tutorial on the Sequence Camera here.


This update is available for Engine versions 4.27 and up.

  • Added compatibility for Unreal Engine 5.
  • Fixed a bug where the debug UI would miss some updates at the end of a Grapple Sequence.
  • It is now possible to add External Actors to a Grapple Sequence.
  • More ways to add Queued Events to a Grapple Sequence.
  • Added the possibility to predict the outcome of Grapple Attempts, and to give player feedback based on those predictions.

1.0.12 (Current)

  • Fixed an ussue which caused build errors.